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    • traditional white rose wristlet, this style goes with all dress colors.  Other colors are available and trim varies widely.  Please come into our store to choose other color roses and trim

      White Rose Wristlet


    • Wristlet, two red roses with rhinstones, black trim  
We have a wide selection of trim colors...but to select other than what is shown, you should visit our store for the complete selection of trim and options.

      Wristlet, two red roses with rhinstones


    • White dendrobian orchid with red roses.  small rhinstones are included inside the roses.

      White dendrobian orchid with red roses


    • Succulents make a contemporary statement  These unique creations vary in style  Each is unique.

      Succulent wrist corsage


    • Back to the sixties!  The white daisy wristlet. These also come in yellow and lavender.  Please visit the shop for trim colors and flower selections.

      White daisy wristlet


    • The white dendrobian orchid wrist corsage.  Color trim varies making it necessary to visit our shop should you want to change trim color or style.

      White dendrobian orchid wristlet


    • Blue orchid dendrobian wristlet.  You much state your choice of trim color in special instructions.



    • Our standard 3 red rose wrist corsage.  Elastic band. Optional upgraded wrist band available in store.  Available in many colors

      3 red rose wristlet standard


    • A single rose on a pearl bracelet.  Colors can vary please check off the correct color choice

      Single rose wrist on band of pearls


    • White phalaenopsis orchids gracefully frames the wrists.  Orchids are on the larger size so be aware of the wrist size.

      Fremont Flowers Wristlet, phal orchid